Floral  Pour, MGM Shanghai West Bund


Floral Pour Exhitbition and Permanent Installation

To mark the debut of the JUMA X NIGEL NOLAN permanent hotel room, an exhibition titled Floral Pour showcases Nolan’s large-scale paintings and experimental videos. This exhibition is installed at the ground floor entrance and lobby of MGM Westbund Hotel from April, 2024 - July, 2024.

The JUMA X NIGEL NOLAN hotel room, situated within MGM Westbund as a permanent installation, features original paintings by Nolan, complemented by custom-designed furnishings and textiles from JUMA. These furnishings incorporate recycled materials made from recycled water bottles and prominently feature Nolan’s prints.

"For every flower I've received - for loss, for celebration, for hope, for tragedy, for love. I take a bucket of water, wash them from my memories and pour them into these paintings." -Nigel Nolan

Nolan's "Floral Pour" series explores the idea of space dissolution through a restricted color palette and expressive brushwork within turbulent compositions, echoing the fluidity of water. Each painting in the series portrays a rush of memories tied to flowers received in different life experiences. Whether signifying moments of tragedy, celebration, or providing comfort in times of grief, each brushstroke aims to reflect these lived experiences that flow and intertwine with each other.