Foundation for a Poem  at  Macri Park, Brooklyn

Williamsburg, NY(June 21, 2017) - Foundation for a Poem is a painted installation by Nigel Nolan located in the outdoor patio of Macri Park, 462 Union Street, Brooklyn, NY and is open from 3pm-4am every day.

Cascading fluids, floral patterns, PreP pills, and figures of ambiguous genders in balaclavas now envelop the space. Multiple vertical and horizontal planes allow for cast shadows to further enhance the installation’s immersive effect.

Nolan and Macri Park invite the Queer community and our friends and allies to dance, drink, and wear the painting in - like a rough lover or a good pair of jeans.

“As a young boy growing up in a rural Canadian logging and fishing community, I watched those ‘Club Kids’ on Geraldo and Phil Donahue. My dad cursed at the screen, which made me like them even more. I dreamed of dancing there.

Queer spaces are where community forms and I am honored to have made this space even more queer. Already, people are sharing photos from within the installation: their bodies, their brands, their political messages.

Brooklyn Queens and Queers: drink, dance and use the painted surfaces as you wish. I made it all for you!”